All-in-One Bundle

The All-in-One app bundle is the easiest way to try Axelor Open Suite without any setup or system changes.

For the moment, the app bundle only works on desktop systems

Download the latest all-in-one app bundle for your system and extract it somewhere. You can see an executable file axelor inside the extracted folder.


Double click on the executable file to launch the application launcher GUI.

aio config

From the config screen, you can configure tomcat server port, database port, database password, language and whether to import demo data.

Following settings can be set:

  • Web Port - used by Tomcat to serve the app on the given port

  • Database Port - used by PostgreSQL server to listen for database connections

  • Database Password - the PostgreSQL database user password

  • Confirm Password - confirm the password

  • Language - application language

  • Theme - application theme to use

Depending on the operating system, the data files will be stored in:

  • Windows - var\data directory of the bundle

  • Linux - var/data directory of the bundle

  • macOS - $HOME/Library/Application Support/Axelor/Axelor ERP/5.0-fr.0

Start the app

Once you apply the settings, you will see following screen:

aio start

Click on Start button will start the application and you can see application log inside the log area.

Launch web browser

Once database initialization is complete, you can see following screen:

aio launch

Click on Open Browser to launch the application in your default web browser.

Use default username/password admin/admin to login to test the application.

Data Directory

The application data will be stored under var/data directory on Windows and Linux operating systems, making it portable app:

  • var/data/logs - log files

  • var/data/postgresql - database files

  • var/data/tomcat - tomcat server files

  • var/data/upload - file uploads

  • var/data/tmp - temporary files

  • var/run/ - the process id file

On macOS, however, the data is stored under ~/Library/Application Support/Axelor/Axelor ERP/5.0-fr.0.

You can open the data directory directly from the settings panel by clicking on Show button next the to data directory field.

Advance Features

By default, the application will initialize database with data import files included from source bundles.

However, you can restore old database by putting db-restore.dump file under data directory when you launch application first time but before you start the server.

Also, you can do migration tasks by putting db-migrate.sql file under data directory. When application server starts, it will execute the migration script automatically.