Starting the App

When the application is ready to start, you can access it at: http://localhost:8080/

Login Page

Use the default username and password admin/admin to login to the app with administrative rights.

app login
Figure 1. Login Page

Install Apps

Once you are login, you need to install the applications, you need to go in Application config  App management and then click on Bulk install in the toolbar.

App List
Figure 2. App List

If you want to install all the applications, click on Select all.

App Install
Figure 3. Bulk Install

You can also choose only the applications you want by clicking on Select and then select the applications you want to install.

If you want to import the demo data, check the corresponding box, and choose the language of these demo data.

App Demo
Figure 4. Demo Data

You can then click on Install to start the installation of the applications.