The application project can be imported in eclipse. In order to import the project, you first have to generate eclipse project files like this:

$ cd /path/to/axelor-demo
$ ./gradlew generateCode cleanEclipse eclipse

This will generate eclipse project files for the application project and all it’s submodules.

From the eclipse, import the projects using File → Import…​ → General → Existing Projects into Workspace menu. In the import project wizard check the Search for nested projects so that all the submodules are also imported.

Whenever you make any changes like adding dependencies to some thirdparty library or adding new module you have to repeat these steps and refresh/reimport projects in eclipse.

repeat ./gradlew generateCode whenever you add/change any domain model definitions

The application project is configured to be eclipse webtool compatible. Create a tomcat7 server, add the axelor-demo module and run the server.

You can use axelor shell utility or the included gradlew script to generate code or build the project from external terminal. In this case, always refresh eclipse workspace to see the updated source in eclipse.