In this chapter we will see how to prepare the development environment on Windows operating system for working with Axelor Open Platform sources.

OpenJDK 8

Download the OpenJDK 8 from the above link and install on your system.

Set the environment variables as follows:

> set JAVA_HOME=C:\path\to\jdk
> set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH%


Download the PostgreSQL from the above link and install on your system.

Git for Windows

Install the Git for windows from the above link.


Download the latest distribution package from and extract the package somewhere and set following environment variables.

> set AXELOR_HOME=C:\path\to\axelor-adk

or you can build from the latest source like this:

> git clone
> cd axelor-development-kit
> gradlew installApp
> set AXELOR_HOME=C:\path\to\axelor-development-kit\build\install\axelor-development-kit

You should have a special command `axelor' in your path now. Just try issuing following command on the terminal:

> axelor --help

You should see output something like this:

Usage: axelor [--help] [--new <NAME>]
Run the interactive shell or create a new axelor project.

  -h, --help          show this help and exit
  -v, --version       display version information
      --new <NAME>    create a new application project

You can also execute shell commands directly like:

> axelor help
> axelor help run
> axelor clean
> axelor build
> axelor run -p 8000

The command line utility can also be used in interactive mode where the utility runs in a special shell from where you can issue various commands.