Release Notes

This release comes with tons of new features, new refreshed look and feel and much more.

New Features

  • Migrate to Java 8

  • Migrate to Hibernate 5

  • Migrate to java.time api (dropped joda.time)

  • Tomcat 8.5

  • Superfast HikariCP connection pool

  • Oracle support (min version 12c)

  • MySQL support (min version 5.7)

  • Multi-Tenancy support

  • Custom fields support

  • Custom models support

  • Encrypted fields support

  • JavaScript scripting support

  • JCache integration for hibernate L2-cache

  • IntelliJ IDEA support

  • Eclipse support with buildship

  • Experimental hotswap support

and lot more…​

Fixes & Enhancements

Please check the change log for detailed list of changes.