Attrs Action

The <action-attrs> is used to define attrs action which is used to change attributes of view items.

<action-attrs name="order.on-confirm">
  <attribute for="orderDate" name="readonly" expr="confirmed" /> (1)
  <attribute for="name" name="hidden" expr="!id" /> (2)
1 make the orderDate field readonly if order is confirmed
2 make the name field hidden if the order is not saved yet
Table 1. Attributes
Name Description


name of the action

The attrs action requires following elements:

  • <attribute> - specify the attribute to update

    • for - comma separated list of target field names

    • name - the name of the attribute to change

    • expr - groovy expression to calculate attribute value

    • if - a groovy boolean expression against the current context

Following attributes can be changed:

  • required - mark the field as required or not

  • readonly - mark the field as readonly or not

  • hidden - show/hide the field

  • domain - change the domain filter of relational field

  • title - change the title of the field

  • value - the value to set

  • value:set - same as value

  • value:add - add a new item to the multi-valued relational field

  • value:del - remove an item from the multi-valued relational field value