Full-Text Search

Full-Text search is implemented in v5 using hibernate-search. Right now only name fields are searched except files (DMSFile and MetaFile). The global search box on grid view is used to make full-text search.


To enable full-text support, provide following configuration:

hibernate.search.default.directory_provider = filesystem
hibernate.search.default.indexBase = {user.home}/.axelor/indexes


By default, only files and users are. Applications has to provide custom index configuration using hibernate search api by providing an implementation of com.axelor.db.search.SearchMappingContributor.

public class MySearchMappingContributor implements SearchMappingContributor {

    public void contribute(SearchMapping mapping) {

        // index contacts
            .property("fullName", ElementType.FIELD).field()
            .property("addresses", ElementType.FIELD).indexEmbedded();

and in your bind it from app’s module class:

public class DemoModule extends AxelorModule {

    protected void configure() {

See hibernate-search docs for more details.