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Version: 7.2


The Axelor Open Mobile application is based on the ERP Axelor Open Suite (AOS) and developed in React Native.

Based on a modular architecture, the application can be dedicated to a single module or be multidisciplinary.

The aim is to enable ERP processes to be run directly from the phone, thanks to simplified screens.

This new mobile application currently includes the following modules with different AOS compatibilities:

  • Stock (AOS v7.1+)
  • Manufacturing (AOS v6.4+)
  • CRM (AOS v7.1+)
  • Helpdesk (AOS v7.1+)
  • HR (Expense) (AOS v7.2+)

The three main priorities in the development of this mobile application were :

  • A perfectly modular architecture
  • Easy adaptation to customer projects
  • No functionnal logic in the source code