Setup Axelor Template

Axelor template is an enterprise module, that can be installed and used from Axelor’s nexus repository.

Nexus Configuration


In settings.gradle file, inside dependencyResolutionManagement, declare a new repository to let gradle install axelor-template module from the dedicated Nexus repository.

dependencyResolutionManagement {
  repositories {
    // keep the declaration of your other repositories there
    maven {
      name 'maven-enterprise'
      url ''
      credentials {
        username axelorMavenUsername
        password axelorMavenPassword

Create the file ~/.gradle/ (if it doesn’t exist yet). Copy the following lines and use your own nexus credentials:


Notice: Nexus credentials should be provided by Axelor.


In the file build.gradle of your custom module, add axelor-template dependency:

dependencies {
  // keep your other dependencies there
  implementation 'com.axelor.addons:axelor-template:1.2.0'

Application configuration

Working with axelor template requires adding a set of parameters as a configuration for the application as template is based on two other tools:

  • Axelor Template API (mandatory)

  • Axelor Library (not mandatory)

The configuration of Axelor Template API can be done in two ways:

  • License

  • Locally

The configuration of Axelor Library always requires a local configuration.


In that case, no configuration is required. Instead, your license integrator would set up all the requirements to use template module properly.

Local configuration

When template module configuration is set locally, then it requires adding the following parameters to the file:

  • template.library.url: The url of template library server

  • template.library.user: User name of the technical user

  • template.library.password: Password of the technical user

Here’s a sample of axelor template configuration:

template.library.url =
template.library.user = templateUser
template.library.password = password

Notice: Library credentials should be provided by Axelor.


To install axelor template:

  • Go to the menu Apps management

  • Search for Axelor template

  • In Template app card, click Install

Apps Management
Axelor Template install

The template module is now available on the sidebar menu with the following menus:

Template menu
  • Template print models: List all the templates present for the user for printing

  • Template settings: List all the settings present for the user for the linked to impressions are the datasets they make be combined with the models

  • Print history: List all the prints

  • Library templates: The library of templates provided by Axelor. In one click you can create a template and its settings from a template made by Axelor. A configuration is necessary in (see Application configuration).

API Configuration

After the template application is installed, one more configuration is needed.

  • Go to the configuration of Template app

Template configuration Page
  • Click on Configure

  • Config page:

Template configuration

In the application config of the app, two parameters are essential:

  • API URL: The URL of the Axelor Template API server, it is required to generate the documents. You can use

  • Download timeout (in seconds): The time limit for downloading a document. If the time of generation of your document is less than the limit then your document is directly downloaded. Otherwise, a notification informs you as soon as your document is ready and available for download.