WebService Action

The <action-ws> can be used to call a SOAP web services. This action is generally used as a provider action to the <action-import>.

<action-ws name="ws.1" service="http://localhost/ws/soap/SomeService.asmx">
  <action name="SoapServiceName" template="data/ws/ws-login.tmpl" engine="groovy"/>
Table 1. Attributes
Name Description


name of the action


service url or reference to another action-ws with service is set to some url. In that case, the referenced action is called prior to this one. This allows to perform some initial actions like login.


connection timeout in seconds (default 60 seconds)


read timeout in seconds (default 300 seconds).

More than one SOAP action can be called in sequence. The result is returned as a collection string values returned by each action respectively.

The SOAP actions can be specified using:

  • <action> - specify a soap action to call

    • name - name of the SOAP action

    • template - a template to transform the result to another format

    • engine - template engine (groovy, ST)