Chart View

The chart view shows data as 2D graphs and is powered by NVD3.

<chart name="chart.sales.per.month" title="Sales per month"> (1)
  <search-fields> (2)
     <field type="datetime" name="fromDateTime" title="From Date"/>
     <field type="datetime" name="toDateTime" title="To Date"/>
  <dataset type="jpql"> (3)
      SUM(self.totalAmount) AS amount,
      MONTH(self.orderDate) AS month,
      _customer.fullName AS customer
      Order self
      self.customer AS _customer
      YEAR(self.orderDate) = YEAR(current_date)
      AND self.orderDate > :fromDateTime
      AND self.orderDate < :toDateTime
  <category key="month" type="month"/> (4)
  <series key="amount" groupBy="customer" type="bar"/> (5)
1 define a chart view
2 define search fields (the input values can be used as query params)
3 define the data source for the chart (jpql, sql or rpc)
4 define the category axis
5 define the series for the chart

The chart view is not bound to any object but depends on dataset retrieved with JPQL/SQL queries or the given rpc (method call).

The optional <search-fields> can be used to define input fields to provide query parameter values or context for the rpc calls.

Chart types

Following chart types are supported:

  • pie

  • bar

  • hbar

  • line

  • area

  • donut

  • radar

  • gauge

  • scatter

A chart view requires following information:

  • name - unique name for the chart

  • title - chart title

  • stacked - whether to create stacked chart

  • onInit - an action to be called during chart init

  • <dataset> - JPQL/SQL select query with select name aliases

  • <category> - defines the X-Axis of the chart with

    • key - the dataset field to be used to categorize the data (used as X-Axis data points)

    • type - category type can be, numeric, date, time, month, year or text

    • title - category title displayed on X-Axis

  • <series> - list of data series defines the Y-Axis (for the moment only one series is allowed)

    • key - the dataset field to be used as Y-Axis data points

    • groupBy - the dataset field use to group the related data

    • title - the title for the Y-Axis

    • type - graph type, (pie, bar, hbar, line, area)

    • side - Y-Axis side (left or right)

  • <config> - custom configuration data

    • name - name of the configuration item

    • value - configuration value


Charts can be configured with specific config values. These configurations may not be applicable to all chart types.

Most important config values are:

  • width - width of the chart

  • height - height of the chart

  • xFormat - custom x-axis format

  • percent - used with pie chart, show labels in percent

  • colors - specify base colors for charts, each color is used to provide 5 gradient shades

  • onClick - call specified action with clicked data in context

Please check the NVD3 documentation for more configurations.


Colors can be specified with colors config value (comma separated). Each color is used to provide 5 gradient shades + 20 shades from d3’s category20b preset.

<chart ...>
  <!-- html named colors -->
  <config name="colors" value="red,green" />

  <!-- or html hex colors -->
  <config name="colors" value="#31a354,#e6550d" />