In this chapter, we will see how to develop axelor applications effectively.


Please check the getting started guide for pre-requisites and configuring your favourite IDE.

Code Hotswap

Experimental code hotswap support is added in v5 using the Hotswap agent library to leverage the development cycle.

In order to enable hot-swaping, you require JDK 1.8 patched with DCEVM.

  • Download the latest DCEVM patch and run java -jar installer-light.jar

  • Select JDK 1.8 installation directory and press "Install DCEVM as altjvm" button

Now as DCEVM is installed, you can run your axelor app with hotswap support by following command:

$ ./gradlew --no-daemon run --hot --debug-jvm

This will start the app in debug mode waiting for debugger on 5005 port. Attach your favourite Java debugger on this port to start debugging. If you are using Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA, any changes in code will be hotswapped and most of the time you won’t require to restart the app.

code hotswap support is still experimental

XML Hotswap

Besides the code hotswap, if you run the app in hot mode as mentioned above, changes to XML views are also hot reloaded. However, you still have to refresh current view with browser refresh button.

Moreover, this feature is experimental and has limitations. For example, it can only detect XML file changes once the application is started. Any changes done before application start are not recognized. That issue will be resolved in upcoming releases.