Method Action

The <action-method> can be used to call a controller method.

<action-method name="act.hello">
  <call class="" method="say"/>
Table 1. Attributes
Name Description


name of the action

The method action requires following items:

  • <call> - define a call

    • class - fully qualified name of the target class

    • method - method name

action-method can also be called from any objects with arbitrary arguments. The result of the method can be assigned to any field.

Suppose the following controller:

import com.axelor.meta.CallMethod;

public class Hello {

  public String say(String what) {
    return "About: " + what;

We can call this method with action-method like this:

<action-method name="act.hello">
  <call class="" method="say(fullName)"/>