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Version: 5.4

Case Management


This application is dedicated to on-demand management. It is of interest to companies that produce goods and services in project mode. You will be able to create new businesses, monitor their progress, and control their profitability. You will also be able to invoice your business from this application. The system automatically retrieves all the items to be invoiced on a deal and you can quickly generate an invoice.

  • Keywords :
    • Business: a business is a project that will be invoiced to a customer.
    • Folder: a folder allows you to group several cases (for example, cases for the same client) in order to perform analytics.
  • Folders: Allows you to create folders in which to classify cases with an analytical purpose.
  • Business: Allows you to create business.

The creation and follow-up of cases

Case management > Business

A deal is a project that will be invoiced to a customer. This module allows you to create new business, monitor their progress, monitor their profitability and invoice them.

Create a business

Case management > Business

A case must necessarily be linked to a client. You can indicate a customer contact, and indicate the quotation/order at the origin of this business. You must add the project members. You can do this manually by selecting each person. You can also select a team, and by clicking on the “Import all members” button all members of this team will be imported as members of the project. If you check the “Synchronize” box, the project members will be automatically updated if you add or remove a person from the team.


You can create a new project from the “Projects” application, and on the project form check the “Business” box. Indeed, a project can be both a project and a business.


Activating the “Project/Phase” button in the panel on the right allows you to generate the “Task Tree” tab.