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Version: 5.4



This application allows you to create and monitor cash flow forecasts, either manually or automatically.

  • Forecasts: Allows you to create manual forecasts.
  • Forecast summaries: this is a reporting of forecasts.
  • Forecast reports: detailed forecast report with the possibility of filtering by user.
  • Configurations : Forecast wizards: wizard that allows you to create several forecasts automatically / Reasons: allows you to create forecast reasons to categorize them.

Cash flow forecasts

Allows you to create and track cash flow forecasts, manually or automatically.

Enter budget or cash flow forecasts

Cash flow forecasts > Forecasts

You must choose the type of cash flow, incoming or outgoing, the expected amount and the estimated date. You must also indicate a reason for this forecast. The “Achieved” field is used to indicate and monitor whether or not the forecast has been achieved. If you choose “Auto”, the forecast will automatically be marked as completed if the forecast date has passed.


You can also use a wizard (Settings > Forecast Wizard) to create multiple forecasts automatically. The wizard allows you to specify a period over which you want to generate forecasts, and the frequency of these forecasts, for example a monthly forecast over a given period, for a given amount. Once the fields have been filled in, click on the “Generate” button so that the various forecasts are automatically generated


The “Company” and “Bank” fields are filled in by default according to the company of the active user but can still be modified manually in the case of multi-company and multi-bank transactions.


Patterns are created in configurations.

Use a forecast assistant

Cash flow forecast > Configuration > Forecast assistants

Allows you to create recurring forecasts.

The information is identical to conventional forecasts. However, it is also mandatory to indicate a start and end date as well as a frequency.

Create customized reports

Cash flow forecast > Summary forecast

Generate reports to monitor the different forecasts according to certain criteria

You must select the bank on which you wish to summarize your forecasts, the period you are interested in and indicate a starting balance.


The “Take opportunities into account” field will indicate whether you want the different business opportunities to be taken into account in the cash flow forecast, and if so, you must indicate whether the forecast should be based on the base amount of the opportunities, or on the amount expected in the best case or in the worst case.