The dashboard is used to provide overviews. The dashboard view is composed of dashlets.

<dashboard name="welcome.dashboard" title="Welcome!">
  <dashlet action="chart:chart.sales.per.month"/>
  <dashlet action="chart:chart.sales.per.month.pie"/>
  <dashlet colSpan="12" action="sale.orders"/>

Dashlets are nothing but embedded views. The following view types are supported: grid, chart, custom, cards, kanban, calendar, tree.

The dashlet action can be either:

  • an action-view. The first view of that action-view will be used in dashlet.

  • <view-type>:<view-name> value where <view-type> is one of the supported view types and <view-name>, the name of the view.

The recommended way is to use an action-view instead of <view-type>:<view-name>. It provides more controls and configuration of what is displayed.