Release Notes

This release adds a significant number of upgrades and new features.

The main highlights are :

  • Upgrade to JDK-11

  • Upgrade to Apache Tomcat® 9.x

  • Upgrade to Gradle 7.4.2

  • Upgrade to Groovy 3.0

  • Migrate to GraalVM JavaScript engine (drop nashorn engine)

  • Add WebSocket support for tag polling

  • Add QuickMenu to allow running actions from default page

  • Re-implement entity code generator in JAVA. Dropped old code generator written in Groovy in favor of a new code generator written in Java.

  • Re-implement authentication support

  • Application configuration is now Properties can be defined via file, system props or environment vars.

  • Many dependencies upgrades : Hibernate, Guice, JDBC, …​

  • Some deprecated features and usage have been removed

Please check the change log for detailed list of changes and the migration guide.