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Version: 5.4




The Documents application is the electronic document management system integrated into Axelor. From this application, you can download documents into the software, find the documents created in the software, classify your documents, create files…​

  • All files: Here you will find all the documents for document management.
  • My files: Here you will find all the files of the active user.
  • Configuration : Labels: Allows you to create labels that will help you classify files.

Adding new documents

Documents > All documents or My documents

Select the folder in which you want to add your document, then click on the “New” button, then on “Upload files”. All you have to do is select the file of your choice on your computer, and click on open. Once the file has been downloaded, by clicking on the three-point icon, you have access to several options such as renaming the file, managing permissions, downloading it to your computer and deleting it.



You can also drag and drop the file from its location on the computer.


Documents are automatically integrated into the GED, including finalized quotations, confirmed orders, invoices, etc.

Consult documents

Documents > All documents or My documents

On a file, you can double-click to open it in a new tab.


You can then download it in PDF format or print it from the corresponding buttons.

Manage permissions

Documents > Lists > Lists

Select a file and click on the three-point icon, then on “Permissions”, choose a user or user group and assign the type of permission granted (read, write and share).



A user or group can have several types of permissions.

Add a tag

Documents > Configuration > Tags

You can create tags to help you find your files according to certain keywords.

Select the file and click on the “Information” icon to the right of the line. A window opens on the right and you can click to add tags or choose existing tags. A tag is composed of a code, a name, and you can choose the style of the tag.


Add a document as an attachment

From any form, you can upload a document as an attachment from the paper clip in the taskbar, by clicking on the button next to “New”. You can thus load the desired file using the corresponding button or by simply “dragging and dropping” from the location of your file.