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Version: 5.4

User Company

The company

Create a partner

Application configuration > Referential > Partners

In order to configure your company, you must first create a partner of the same name. It should be typed both “customer” and “supplier”. In the “Information” tab, enter your company’s contact details and details. Billing and payment information is to be filled in in the “Invoicing/payment” tab. Additional information can be added in the other tabs of the form.

Create your company

Application configuration > Users/Companies > Companies

Creating a company is essential for the use of the software.

Click on the “+” icon to create your company. Several fields are required, and you can load the logo. You must assign a partner that you have previously created.

Create services in society

Application configuration > Users/Companies > Companies > “Information” tab

You can create the different services of your company from its file (Application Config > Users/Companies > Companies) or directly from the “Departments” menu entry in Application Config > Users/Companies > Configuration > Departments, and then select them on your company’s file.

Create printing settings

Application configuration > Users/Companies > Companies > Companies > “Configurations” tab

By clicking on the “+” icon next to the “Printing Settings” field, you will be able to configure your printing settings that will appear on the generated reports. Customize your header and footer, the logo position…​

Enable trading names management

Application configuration > App management > Base > Configure

The trading names identifies the operating premises (a shop, for example), and not the company that manages the business.

You can activate the management of trading names with the corresponding button, then you can create trading names in the menu entry in Application Config > Users/Companies > Configuration.


The company will remain the legal entity on all documents but you can inform the brand concerned for quotes, deliveries, invoices…..