Full-Text Search

Full-Text search is implemented in v5 using hibernate-search. Right now only name fields are searched except files (DMSFile and MetaFile). The global search box on grid view is used to make full-text search.


To enable full-text support, provide following configuration:

hibernate.search.default.directory_provider = filesystem
hibernate.search.default.indexBase = {user.home}/.axelor/indexes


By default, only files and users are. The application has to provide custom index configuration using hibernate search api by providing an implementation of com.axelor.db.search.SearchMappingContributor.

public class MySearchMappingContributor implements SearchMappingContributor {

    public void contribute(SearchMapping mapping) {

        // index contacts
            .property("fullName", ElementType.FIELD).field()
            .property("addresses", ElementType.FIELD).indexEmbedded();

and in your bind it from app’s module class:

public class DemoModule extends AxelorModule {

    protected void configure() {

See hibernate-search docs for more details.