Views Collaboration

🏷️ Available in Axelor Enterprise edition

Views collaboration allows to see users that are seeing/editing/updating the current opened record.


When you open a record, you can quickly see users that are on the same record. The number of current users is displayed on the right side of the record toolbar : 2 users. Click on it will show the list of them :

listing users collaboration

The details of each user are as :

  • The first icon is the current state of the user.

    It can be one of the 3 states :

    • Watching : The user is only watching the record and didn’t make any changes.

    collaboration user view state
    • Editing : The user is doing change on the record.

    collaboration user edit state
    • Saved : The user updated and saved the record.

    collaboration user save state
  • The second is the user profile picture

  • Last one is the username. Me is displayed for the current connected user.

Whenever a user is editing or saved the record, it will be displayed on the record toolbar, below the number of users :

collaboration user edit
collaboration user save


Feature can be disabled with view.collaboration.enabled property. By default, it is enabled. On groups, there is a boolean canViewCollaboration to determine whether members can view collaboration (true by default).


Only records displayed on top form are supported. Popup and others record rendering aren’t supported.