Step 7: Start the Server

Now it’s time to test the application. The application can be tested either by creating a war package and deploying on a tomcat server or by using the embedded tomcat server.

Run the application

The embedded server is easiest way to run the application during development.

Run the following command in terminal:

$ ./gradlew --no-daemon run
always execute run task with gradle using --no-daemon to avoid application clean up issues (known gradle problem)

The run task accepts following command line options:

  • --port <number> - alternative port

  • --debug-jvm - start application in debug mode

After a few seconds, you should see some logs and at the end something like this:

Ready to serve...

Running at http://localhost:8080/axelor-demo

Open the given link in your browser and log in using the default admin account using admin as the username and password.

What’s Next?

Congratulations! You have learned how to create simple axelor application. Follow the Developer Guide for more detailed documentation.