Object Views

In this chapter we will see the object views. The object views are xml definitions about the user interface to represent the object models to the end users.

The Axelor Open Platform support several kind of views for an object. This includes:

  • Grid - shows the data list in as columns

  • Form - shows a single record in a form layout

  • Tree - shows data in hierarchical manner

  • Chart - shows data as 2D graphs

  • Calendar - shows data in schedule like view

  • Kanban - shows data as agile kanban board

  • Cards - shows data list as cards

  • Custom - shows data using custom templates

  • Gantt - shows data using a Gantt chart

The Grid & Form views are the main views. If these views are not provided for model, a set of default views are generated automatically. However, they may not produce good-looking interface, it’s always advised to provide views for domain models.

Like the object models, views are also defined using xml format.

Each file should have proper declaration:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<object-views xmlns="http://axelor.com/xml/ns/object-views"

  <!-- views definitions here -->