Master Details

The master-details view shows grid and form views side-by-side as single view. It can be defined using action-view using a view parameter details-view.

<action-view name="team.tasks.all" model="" title="Tasks">
  <view name="team-task-grid" type="grid" /> (1)
  <view name="team-task-form" type="form" /> (2)
  <view-param name="details-view" value="true" /> (3)
  <view-param name="details-view-mode" value="overlay" /> (4)
1 the grid view used by this action
2 the form view used by this action
3 details-view params configures grid view to show details view on right side
4 details-view-mode params configures how to show details view either as overlay (default - in form of popup) or inline (it will show side by side to grid)

We can also provide alternative form view by specifying view name as details-view param value, like <view-param name="details-view" value="another-form-view" />.